AKAcommunity spans the ecological, design and construction industries. We believe that design and build process should be functional, environmentally sustainable and affordable.

AKAcommunity plan for all our work to blend into its natural environment. Green Design is fast evolving but we use traditional as well as modern techniques in order to maximize the effectiveness of all technologies within our projects.

Our core belief is in sustainability, its impact, management and effective use of environmental resources but we know that for our clients we also have to consider the long term economics and affordability of the products, processes and resources we use.

Planners reports

Springhead, Saddleworth, Oldham, Manchester

Laureates Place is a hamlet of 9 self-build homes that sit in the greenbelt setting without compromising the location.

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Diggle, Saddleworth, Oldham, Manchester

The Forever home is a house that sits in its greenbelt setting without compromising its location.

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Delph, Saddleworth, Oldham, Manchester

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council granted planning permission for an application for a home on privately owned green belt land.

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Invisible Concept

The Ecological Home in Delph was the ground-breaking project, which catalysed these interests. Hidden in the rolling Pennine hills the project changed the way the ideas of the company, which had a conservationist ethos, but ow considered  reuse and development of green land to open it up to construct affordable, sustainable homes, without destroying the environment

AKAcommunity has been set up to deliver Ecological Self-Build Solutions to the housing market, where people who want to live closer to nature and get non-dogmatic design advice, can come to get their homes designed.

  • Ecologically Sensitive Materials
  • Biodiverse by Design
  • Culturally Sensitive Vernacular
  • Fabric First Methodologies
  • Innovative Design

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